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I held groceries in my hands as I walked home from the store. “Yeah, it is my fault. Your past would always make people wary of you. It was an hour after Sam had found you in the dungeon with Crowley, and once you had been freed from the demon’s trap you had tried to make a break for S/O is fatally injured. You took a deep breath, enjoying the way the wind was blowing in your face. Mandy (you) is a 20+ girl living with her younger bro Yugyeom, who is an obsessively affectionate big kid. Read IMAGINE: Spider-Man getting injured from the story Tom Holland Imagines by Aidanturnerimagines with 8,135 reads. I write for Tokyo Ghoul, Hellsing, Tiger & Bunny, Ace Attorney, Castlevania, Devil May Cry, Detroit: Become Human, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Danganronpa, Kekkai Sensen, Overwatch, Haikyuu!!, Iwatobi Free! Anonymous said: gyutaro is adorable change my mind Answer: - ̗̀ fate ̖́-head cannons, imagines, scenarios, match ups, drabbles, and more love for our faves! hypmic imagines & etc I’ll treasure your cute pics— I THOUGHT YOU WERE INJURED DON’T CHASE ME!” Plus he really just wants to be the best supportive Luke, Calum and Ashton sent texts saying how they’d seen the post and they were impressed. he keeps threatening kokichi, so he takes matters into his own hands and turns it into some competition with the kid? and the boy is super evil, but acts sweet around the reader. Masterlist. “No I can do it! However, Hood hit a bit of a roadblock: He got stuck in traffic just a few blocks away. You gave an awkward laugh and told the bystanders, “he’s not proposing. {\image\:{\pid\:\p06jtynz\}} A better understanding of resilience may be as important as a greater insight into the causes of desperation. You fought the urge to bring up how she was only going to see George Weasley, her unofficial boyfriend, but instead held your hand out. 2 Short S/O with grabby hands Brazillian S/O warning- abuse. - When he is injured (but not sick), he asserts his presence with his loud whining and mischievous laughter. Tears forming in his eyes as he applied pressure to your wound, trying to slow down the bleeding. relationships, cute, love. You missed falling asleep in his arms and waking with you head on his chest. Fandoms include Kuroko no Basuke, Attack on Titan, Free!, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy X and X-2, Final Fantasy Type 0, FInal Fantasy XV, Devil May Cry, Naruto,Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates, Final Fantasy XIII, Overwatch, and One Piece! All the kids were dismissed, being checked by EMT’s and the police. ~ Admin RDB • you’ve had chicken for the last 39 meals. He didn’t bother planning a party as all he wanted was a day out with his friends, but when the Sinema nightclub had a masquerade night planned for that exact same night, Mason had begged him to go. Today was the day of the third and final task of the Triwizard Tournament, as he was one of the Hogwarts champions. thank you so much! Pretending to be S/O’s Boyfriend. Boyfriend Imagines You Get Hurt After the race, Binotto was asked how he coped with what could be described as the hardest job in F1 management. Title: Healed Request: Hi just read your dr frankenstein one shot it was so good he’s so under appreciated. Another Person Kisses Their S/O. He w Read Protective (boyfriend imagine) from the story crush\boyfriend imagines by Smol_Satan with 44,693 reads. The kfc drive through people know you by name and they’re worried • loves his dogs more than you • loves ANON ASKED: Can you please make one where the reader is trying to cover bruises after being abused by her boyfriend? Thank you. [Ministers] need to be persuasive. You instantly know what he did and you let a sob, stumbling backwards into your boyfriend’s chest. You’re boyfriend,Dylan had invited you to the set of the hit tv series he stars in,teen wolf. It was great to know that I could count on them, that I had their support. People milled around the shattered guard, careful not to tread on the innumerable injured member lined up on the floor. She and Petyr get romantically involved fairly early on. You were walking side by side with your boyfriend, Cedric Diggory, in the empty hallway. One Piece World ️ Dating Kid requested by Anon named Sadie. You saw how badly Kai felt over this accident. Could you do another one where y/n gets injured and he can’t save her using science so he makes a deal with rumple or Regina and they heal her but let him go without any form of payment because they’re doing it for her?? 18 hours ago · Outside the Kingdom, it helps refurbish his image tarnished as it is by the killing of Jamal Khashoggi - at a time when the Saudis are choosing to play an increasingly visible role on the world stage. How else would he keep the air of a protective boyfriend, (even though he was close to pissing his pants) The Crazy Kind (Part Two) – Patrick Hockstetter; Masterlist. You had really pissed him off this time so as your punishment, he made you clean up the kitchen after a party that celebrated a recent victory. How could I say no? Levi is the most amazing person I’ve ever met and honestly, I love him. Sundays at Hogwarts used to be your favorite; you and your best friend, Hermione Granger, would sit outside by the Black Lake and read or study together. What he wasn’t expecting, was you to be cursing and ranting about the person who had injured you when he entered. “Nice try, Y/N. Never in your life have you had more than ten hot men staring at you at the same time. jazz, 18, uk. S/O Really Want Cuddles. It was a rainy Sunday in New York, the perfect day to chill and rest from a tiresome week. he does love you, he'd come up with an excuse like 'It was on sale and I know how cheap you humans can be. Super carefree and a bro to her boyfriend. do you think you could do a would include for the voltron paladins, how they would react to you getting hurt in battle/captured?? sorry if it’s a bad explanation, i haven’t really requested for much ahah. Request: “Hi, you seem to be the only it blog with your requests open (and write bomb pieces also), so I was wondering, if you’re up for it, for an imagine with Patrick Hockstetter? Summary: The aftermath of the Winchesters finding you in the dungeon with Crowley. Boyfriend Imagines Hickeys The government is not planning, just reacting, even [when it comes to] basic infrastructure, so that is where the problem is, he explained. Thanks! Imagine innocently baking muffins with your boyfriend Shawn, and your sitting on the counter but you accidentally get some of the mix on your finger and you stare directly at Shawn and seductively suck it off. Summary: Reader tries to leave her boyfriend’s house to be home before her curfew, but he doesn’t want her to leave. Natasha, Steve and Bucky were training; Clint, Pietro and Thor didn’t even get out of bed; Bruce and Tony were having their scientific fun at the lab, whilst (Y/N), Sam and Wanda were simply enjoying the sound of the pouring rain while reading a good book. You would always question yourself on how you got so lucky with him. You missed his strong bear-hugs and his soft kisses. When their S/O has a Mental Breakdown. ~Hetalia Trash~ ASKBOX IS OPEN. You got a phone call from Ashton. com giphy bleach bleach gif urahara bleachgraphic urahara kisuke my bleach gif bleach imagines imagines scenarios headcanons NSFW byakuya kuchiki toshiro hitsugaya ichigo kurosaki kenpachi zaraki ikkaku madarame yumichika ayasegawa kensei muguruma shinji hirako shunsui kyoraku ukitake juushirou ishida uryuu Oh, Baby (Bucky x reader) Word count: 1300 “I was protecting you!” You shouted at Bucky, who was currently pacing the space of the jet. She asked him how things like that made him feel - the fact that his girlfriend was physically injured purely for dating him. Some imagine blogs use your real name in their imagines sometimes. Falling for Theo had been the last thing you’d expected to ever happen. Peter was by your side as you fought the last of the enemy with the Avengers. If it was on the battlefield, he would immediately try his best to wrap up the fight and then take his s/o to a secure place where he’ll tend to their wounds. if he died via smth as silly as a giant paw ball his injured pride would kill him again loyal and protective lap dog boyfriend “Well, maybe it was just a false lead, [Y/N]. Begalov, 32, was jailed for two years at Oxford Crown Court Kakitadze, 35, was sentenced to 18 months behind bars. n stray kids stray kids chan stray kids imagines stray kids blurbs stray kids minho hyunjin stray kids felix hwang hyunjin hyunjin x reader jisung stray kids incorrect quotes changbin skz imagines stray kids jisung kpop kpop imagines lee felix lee felix x reader jisung x reader han jisung stray kids woojin i. . Being new to school and Peter trying really hard to impress you but failing. Ewelein and her team were working overtime to accommodate the many, many hurt member who’d been caught in the initial blast. ” Sorry it took so long, we were getting ready to go back to school. Not very approving of his evil princess of the Tanaka Kingdom dating a fiend like that Here you'll find all kinds of Imagines and stories/oneshots about our 5 boys. She repeatedly imagines seeing him outside of the car, or that she feels the car shaking as he tries to get her out. Imagine Klaus saving you from your abusive ex-boyfriend. com/-2015-12-02T15:05:46Z 2015-12-02T15:05:46Z http://siliconvalleyjobtitlegenerator. This is my imagines and one shots blog. NSFW HCs. Then he ends up aggressively making out with you and it takes you hours to finish just one batch… Bakugou is your Fake Boyfriend Strong Telekinesis Quirk Date Headcanons Deaf S/O confessing their feelings Bakugou tries to apologize Wheelchair-Bound S/O Your dad is a Villain You’re a cool Pro-Hero and he’s a got a lil crush on you North American transfer student North American transfer student pt. Teuvo Teravainen. Y/N -> Your name! It’s a general term most imagines use since there’re some people who don’t like personalized imagines. XVIDEOS Mom Washes Son In The Shower Then Fucks Him free Sam Wilson as a boyfriend. A resident of a Vancouver, Washington apartment building opened fire inside Thursday afternoon, killing one person and wounding two others. Requests are open, just so you know. People on the dance floor, dancing as if it was their last dance. Whenever your boyfriend went away without you, he would always be sure to leave an article of clothing behind. The one and only James Buchanan Barnes. Draco malfoy x reader (Angst) Plis do an imagine where something major happens to the reader right after they break up and draco was the one who broke it off so he realises he still wants to be with A PSA to the fandom of Boyfriend to Death & BtD: Fresh Blood. It was breaking your heart to see him in emotional pain just as much as it hurt him to see you badly injured in hospital’s bed. Bold fella does ebony booty. The Welshman was taken off in the second half - he has now gone 10 league games without a goal, his longest barren spell since joining Real in 2013. Back To You - Part Three “Request: “Hello!I was wondering if you still take request? If so, do you think you can a Gotham imagine where you know in the finale that Jeremiah kidnaps reader instead and Bruce saves her but as Batman and she didn’t know until he tells her the truth after years of his absence” It only took you a second to react and immediately get off your boyfriend’s lap and fix your clothes. Gazing up at the clear, blue sky, you inhaled deeply. Bath - Rugby Union - BBC Sport Ben’s does hot dogs and hamburgers, but most people come for the half-smokes. Originally posted by kacchan. Shigaraki Tomura. n fluff i. An hour passed and your boyfriend still wasn’t back which caused you to worry. William Your boyfriend just blinked up at you. Originally posted by bishopl. A few teardrops rolled out of his eyes corners. Y/N’s POV. Supernatural Little Sister Imagines Boyfriend It would only operate when needed and produce power for a maximum of 2,250 hours a year. ” They gave him one last feverish kiss, which even Loki sighed into. stray kids i. Hello, I'm Jena and welcome to my blog! As the URL says, this is purely a hetalia imagines blog! This is mainly a blog to help me practice my writing, and I try and update it every day. Supernatural Little Sister Imagines Boyfriend. paring: ‘fuckboy’!jungkook x reader; genre: smut?? fluff?? warnings: alcohol, tad smut, cursing/banter, so much fluff that you’ll be so soft until you die!!! Torn Hamstring. Boyfriend Imagines Hickeys. Gorillaz Imagines I'm just a writer who love Gorillaz (and writing love stories and fluff and stuff) so I thought, "Why not write imagines?" I can't wait to hear and write all of your requests! Of course he was going to comply with that one. It starts with a flemmy cough. Working so hard to keep anyone from joining those who’d passed. Apparently, the shooter had a list of people he wanted to kill, all people who had “wronged” him in some way. Just give me your name and a basic concept of what you want it to be about, and I'll make it The best,” another kiss, “boyfriend to grace the universe’s existence. “It’s a good look for you,” you smiled kissing Michael’s cheek. Charlie Bradbury His spine prickles with fear as an ominous fog begins to fill the air, coupled with a high-pitched giggle from further down the hall. This left you - her unofficial apprentice - to look after the students already in the hospital wing. “I forgot you have the balance of a whiskerless cat. It was typical for your boyfriend to blame every bit of pain to come your way on himself, that’s just how Dean was. com giphy bleach bleach gif urahara bleachgraphic urahara kisuke my bleach gif bleach imagines imagines scenarios headcanons NSFW byakuya kuchiki toshiro hitsugaya ichigo kurosaki kenpachi zaraki ikkaku madarame yumichika ayasegawa kensei muguruma shinji hirako shunsui kyoraku ukitake juushirou ishida uryuu You started to walk out of the tunnel and saw Colton Parayko, boyfriend and the Ken to your Barbie, standing in the middle of the semi-circle, a big smile painted on his face. You glanced around and realized that everyone was staring at you. You spent a couple of hours catching up with a couple people and watching some of the recording happening as it was still a passion of yours. If. Headcanon: Cain is the type of guy who'd buy you romantic stuff but then trash them right in front of you if he doesn't truly love you. ” He joked, meticulously cleaning your wrist. — You can remember even now that day 3 years ago, when you were in Year 3, and you went to the Quidditch pitch, your mother having bought you a brand new broom so you could have your fun. ” He grinned sitting down at the kitchen table and motioning for you to join him. You went around the studio chatting to everyone. In Bed HC* When You’re Sick HC. “I’m actually standing somewhere in London, lost, trying to ask for help from my boyfriend before my phone dies!” She refrains from actually stomping her foot like a small child, she’s frustrated and tired and scared. Relationship HCs. Boyfriend Imagines You Get Hurt. Sorry for not being able to post. 3. You tell Allison hurriedly before rushing off. Theo X Reader. When Another Person Flirts w/ Them. Still struggling with my phone, all the girls text me nowadays, and that beats all the news that you can’t avoid these days and there wouldn’t be if people were allowed to take a knee, kneel to who… danganronpa-imagines. Reader can no longer stand by and watch Dabi’s quirk kill him. He follows your gaze, breath hitching as he sees Tony. TV Shows: Teen Wolf fanfiction archive with over 23,903 stories. It was surprisingly sexy. Their Parents’ Reaction of their S/O. Sweet Tooth HC. ] Such a sweet surprise ; Abduction [[Reader is kidnapped and her Brothers save her] Safer Dead [Reader is in the mafia, along with Sam, and has to kill Dean] Super specific sry Edited: Yes Word count: 857 Summary: He gets injured and goes to a hospital where your loved one died ~ I want to throw up. At 24, Ray Wauson was thrilled to land a job as an armored-car guard. masterlist it didn’t stop him from fretting over you when you were injured. He wasn’t best pleased in my ability to Sebastian Stan Imagines. You called numerous of times with no answer. 3 rings later, the hybrid finally answers. He tried to move back to his previous spot on the bed, but Sherlock quickly circled his arms around him to keep him in place. Connor’s girlfriend tells Connor that it’s not fair that he never spends time with her and that he’s always with the Ask box is CLOSEDInbox Status: 24Another Imagines blog for your viewing pleasure, this time Kuroko no Basuke themed! Admins Kuroko & Murasakibara On indefinite hiatus from this imagines blog! It was dark in your boyfriend’s apartment, except for a single light coming from the small dining room. Just in case you need to use it on that boyfriend of yours. You never thought that you could be friends with a band for this long without them realising. My boyfriend grinned at me, finally, and walked out of sight with a wink. What Can I Say, Humans Are Cute!💕 including boyfriend/mlm posts! 😍 as a mlm searching for my monster boyfriend, they give me butterflies You pushed your legs upwards, ignoring the hand outstretched above you. Oscar Diaz As Your Boyfriend Headcanons. so as you may or may not know, i don’t post imagines on this blog anymore BUT i was wondering if you guys wanted me to write and post one last imagine in honor of the end of teen wolf. He is willing to let his daughter be! He can’t hold her back from playing her own little game! Gundham Tanaka. “Please,” you asked, “people are staring,” you whispered looking around to see eleven pairs of eyes watching you. You assumed it was his way of making sure his presence would not be forgotten. “Yes sweetheart?” “I know you don’t care. (Do this whenever you can but yeh :3 also really love your imagine they're the best! . Distraction – The reader tries to distract herself while she waits for her boyfriend to return from a mission. A complete playbook to handle your girlfriend getting sick. The other was Harry Potter, a boy in his fourth year. I'm really liking platonic things at the moment. Just last week you made a bet with Bruce─your long time boyfriend of a year─that the two of you can go two weeks with out sex. And god, he sure was a looker. ” He said before walking off. warning: smut. Nico Hischier. The woman's boyfriend was able to catch up to the car and pull the thief out. gif not mine. ” Joe laughs, before the line goes dead. Accidentally Send Them Nudes. With a puzzled expression, (M/N) took it and was immediately pulled on top of the injured man. We don't do personals. PROMPT?: hello! i friggin love your blog. “You were surrounded by agents! Source: giphy. imagines for Haikyuu!! by Production IG. “That would make you Alice and yes, late. Word Count - 1. She was injured and she couldn’t defend herself if grounders attacked. ' [4:40 pm] “babe, help me with my sunscreen,” you hold up the bottle of lotion in the direction of your boyfriend who furrows his eyebrows and sighs at the request. But once you left the comfort of Ouma, all you felt was darkness. Originally posted by thefirstgingerdoctor. He is a manager who has got everything in his current job; he has a handle not just on Northern Ireland's senior team, but the youth teams as well. Request: Since I loved your story can you write another one for me Werewolf Connor having a jealous girlfriend because some other werewolf is trying to get at him […]. "Damn show off…" Said boyfriend commented, his hand quickly falling down. Meeting Your Extended Family HC. Izuku and you were left utterly confused at what had just happened. over wherever they got injured and to a really worried and apologetic boyfriend who was really regretful of This is an imagines/scenarios blog. “Things would have been different. Cisco stuck his tongue out at me as he threw me a little bag of his beloved licorice, which landed on my leg. apparently Sirius told him that a spat broke out between you and Regulus and you got injured; you blushed once you realized your brother was playing matchmaker ”Did I say Y/N was in danger? my mistake, I meant to say Y/N had a present for you. She tries to hold on to him to pull herself free; he kicks her, leaving his shoe in her hand. Part 2 soon PS: there are some mistakes PPS: Please like, comment and share. Helping Him When Injured. Freddie Andersen. The caves were carved out of limestone by the Chiquibul River, and the watery darkness hosts a variety of resident troglobite cave creatures, as well as the occasional sub-aquatic spelunker. He slowly walks over to you and pulls up a chair beside your bed, taking the glass of vile liquid from you hands and putting it on the bedside cabinet, he takes your hand into his and begins to rub small circles with his thumb. jacob black. Dabi. You quickly looked up, wiping away the burning tears in your eyes to see your boyfriend standing next to you, a soft smile on his face; You gave out a tiny yelp as you were suddenly picked up and carried out of the music venue; You had been taken back to Nagito’s cottage, where he laid the two of you down on the bed and let you cry into his I do wanna start qriting imagines again and I do want to empty this inbox. So far includes: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer, Crowley, God/Chuck, Balthazar, Charlie Bradbury, Michael, Adam Milligan, This is for Mark Tuan Stans. (A/N: Merry Christmas Eve!) _____ You and your boyfriend are at his house, watching movies and drinking wine that he stole out of his parent’s liquor cabinet. Werewolf matters… Originally posted by senuaa. You smiled to yourself on tonights plan. com/ He's the guy with the injuries that need to heal. What others are saying Find images and videos about love, boy and couple on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Being a monster-like mutant and dating Bruce Banner. But the reader decides to secretly enter the tournament for Ned’s becoming the hand of the King, and ends up beating the mountain instead of Loras Tyrell, and gets badly injured and Petyr Takes care of her??? W/ lots of fluff please?? C: Here you go, lovely!! I really hope you like it. Not to mention some of my shitty posts and my awful sense of humor. The image of my boyfriend’s leg getting caught between the boards causing him to yank back replays in my head over and over. Mr. (Y/N)= your name (C/N)= crush's Read ⑤⑧. You smiled, when you saw your boyfriend, Sebastian, standing next to you. Requested? Yes! “can you guys please make a ‘oscar as your boyfriend headcanon’ for oscar diaz/spooky from on the block? thanks! love your work!!” The battle on Titan occurs and ends the same but the difference being that the Male!Reader is in a Iron Man suit. Loki when his s/o is badly injured during a fight. Ashton finds out you have a boyfriend. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. This is a danganronpa imagines blog. Ellen’s angle was sincere and kind. Highlight Links . I cried myself to sleep when he got injured, trying to fake a smile when I visited him in the hospital or in his place, trying to entertain him to forget about his pain. Your boyfriend was still clearly puzzled by the encounter. ” In our blog, we use Y/N so it’s all encompassing. Enjoy! I do not own anything in this video except the editing. Langston was critically injured, already in the hospital. He and his father were family friends, which meant that the two of you had spent a lot of time together as kids. Wounded . Maybe a heavy duty nose blow. Reader gets injured during a fight and Peter takes care of her. Fred Weasley x Reader. You groan in response as you open you eyes to see the familiar grey ones of your concerned boyfriend Draco. Kelly, badly injured and delirious, continually imagines that he will come back to "save" her, and also that he has gone for help. "So glad to see you again Katsuki!" You pulled him in after shutting and locking the door. footballer imagines A rejection that hurt 10x the amount of finding out she was been cheated on by her boyfriend indicating towards his injured leg. Boyfriend HC. “No,” he shook his head, still kneeling, “not until yousay yes,” he said, a little loudly this time. A while later, you noticed Leo trying to get your attention. He also saves his dad from Thanos but gets injured in his father’s place. He doesn't seem to get injured. By Sandra Olmsted Say Sissy Spacek and the image of her in Brian De Palma’s Carrie will probably come to mind, and that incredible performance is as hard an act to follow as the De Palma’s classic horror masterpiece. He has always been the Imagines, fluffs, cute things. Ashton joked that Michael might just be the perfect boyfriend after all. This story will feature imagines, preferences, one-shots, songfics, and other general reader insert things. crush, dreams, imagine. You sat next to him and he pulled your injured wrist towards him. But he was entering an unregulated world in which the people guarding the cargo are often defenseless against the cargo itself. One of the best ways to show your boyfriend you care is to dedicate an entire . He breathed against their temple as his hand moved to their shoulder. Imagine being Scott’s sister and falling in love with Theo. You sat beside Fred for the whole of Saturday evening as he lay within the white sheets of the hospital wing. Imagines. You look down to read the message from Derek. S/O is Who doesn't want Voltron imagines? Well, I guess if you don't want them then you must be on the wrong blog :( If you'd like Marvel Imagines, follow my other blog: marvelmadhouse As a Boyfriend HC* In Bed HC* First Date/ Learning How to Skate HC. Bobby Singer - Imagine Bobby receiving a phone call late at night from the police, informing him that you, Sam and Dean were caught beating up your ex’s car. who do i belong with?? Clover’s Imagine. a They find you days after, injured and dazed becasue you were too late to save your family] Imaginary Lover [Castiel caught Dean masturbating. She needed someone to keep an eye on her. Magazine Advice. you can suggest too. This blog is devoted to unleashing all of your naughty fantasies surrounding Teen Wolf. 16 Feb 2018 Jeff Kennett may want to reform AFLW to try to avoid injuries, but the My boyfriend Angus and I were in the middle of a game of chess, and I'd only or jump or change direction, it's difficult to imagine what changes could be  If my schizophrenic boyfriend told me the voices in his head tell him to hurt me, but that . ” your boyfriend, Sam Winchester implored with a sigh. Fighting their S/O at Sports Festival. Shouto Todoroki . 26 Feb 2019 Is your boyfriend the inspiring hero? The sarcastic sidekick? The wise man with the heart of gold? The warrior? The funny guy? Or is it the bad  5 Dec 2015 As soon as you had heard this, you had full-on sprinted to see your boyfriend. ” He sighed. ” “Of course, I want you to be my boyfriend Levi!” I exclaimed, enveloping the man in a hug. Billy Hargrove Imagines Max. heroes-among-us-all. Badass Luke. “Hey there,” you tiredly gave him finger guns, causing him Today, Liam had finally turned 18. The only reason you even knew what had happened was all thanks to the fact that it was televised live. You always made sure to look into whatever Amajiki was up to when it came to hero work, you didn’t like not knowing whether he was injured or not. Valentine’s Day Special #20. Visit here for your: RocRoyal RayRay Prodigy Princeton Diggy Imagines. requested. Tending an Injury. 18 Jan 2017 Emergency Room Visit Requested: can you please write an imagine where shawn gets injured at a hockey game? Masterlist ~~~ You're watching your boyfriend play hockey like you've done a hundred times 9 Dec 2017 InjuredEleventh Doctor x ReaderSummary: You get injured while on an adventure with the Doctor, and he avoids you for days because he  13 Feb 2015 Imagine how good a massage from you feels when he's in perfect health, then multiply that by a trillion when he's all weak and tired and unable  22 Jul 2017 do an Auston Matthews imagine where he gets like seriously injured The image of my boyfriend's leg getting caught between the boards  5 Jul 2018 REQUESTED IMAGINE (SOME BAD LANGUAGE). A lot of the producers you had met at various 5SOS events as most of them still worked with the boys. I know I said we’d have stuff for pride month and I’m sorry. None of the other Mikaelsons were home either, but for some reason, your first instinct was to call Klaus. I mainly write for Marvel but also a lot of other fandoms. Y’all need to get your shit together! Here’s a list of your bullshit that needs to be fixed. I had to break my master list down into parts, because, the links kept being removed when they were all chunked together. It all happened so fast. You and Meredith, who was also pregnant at the time, couldn’t do much around hospital. 2] from the story Peter Parker Imagines by Spiderman, Men's Toms, Future Husband, Future Boyfriend, Boi, Cutest Boys. Outside Africa, similar attempts by China to plant forest barriers to hold back the Gobi desert have also shown limited effects. Cuddling. OMG I’ve just been reading so many imagines (btw the one about the first day of school, the crush in it is literally my boyfriend so wow well done!) ur really talented keep up the good work! You had injured yourself and it was just common sense to help you where you needed it. Slytherin match so that she was on hand should anything happen. stellar-imagines. He Cares For You While You're Injured Harry: “Just cut them off,” you complain, tending your leg up when Harry tries to massage your sore foot. You should have  14 Aug 2014 He Cares For You While You're Injured Harry: “Just cut them off,” you said with a groan turning to kook over your shoulder at your boyfriend. Oh, Baby (Bucky x reader) Word count: 1300 “I was protecting you!” You shouted at Bucky, who was currently pacing the space of the jet. Feeling victorious, your ex turns and begins walking away smugly. "There was an initial altercation between Mr. Fred gets injured in Quidditch and Reader stays with him in the hospital wing. He done the same to himself when Sam got badly hurt too. You take your hands away from your eyes and look up at your oldest brother. You were really excited considering that it was one of your favorite tv shows! wweshield-imagines. Yes, it pissed you off. For example, “’Anon!’ Newt called out, trying to catch up to her. The dark side of personality  15 Apr 2016 I told him how the sex had hurt, how it was still hurting an hour afterwards, When most of us think of rape, we imagine the stuff of nightmares. *yn* trekked through the barren ruins as she scanned the ground for any sign of a door. It tells you to get to his loft as quick as possible because your brothers had been badly injured. Hello! Welcome to my imagines blog! My name is Clover. Hey I love all your imagines they are awesome! I was wondering if you could do one where you came back from a hunt (and dean has the mark of Cain still on his arm)and dean blames you for doing something wrong even though it was something small and he hurts you really bad and after he feels sorry and tries to make it up to you thank you!! Sherlock held out his hand. What's the deal? By Crystal Crowder; Men always want us to tell them what we want, but sometimes seduction. Opening Up and Trusting Him HC. “Let me finish, brat. Imagines For Shanks we write imagines and do preferences ^. 1 dead, 2 injured in Washington apartment building shooting. Read Injury from the story Crush imagines by Little_Incognito_Hat (Brokensmile) with 7655 reads. Prompt List. If he has been diagnosed as schizophrenic I would imagine he has  21 Sep 2017 Why Viktor Krum was a better boyfriend than Ron Weasley Frankly, we can't imagine that Hermione and Viktor's pen friendship was kept up it all with his jealousy and hurt her feelings so much she went to bed in tears. Ships are OPEN // Shoot me an ask for a ship in: Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, The Arcana, Harry Potter + Maruaders Era, Shadowhunters + The Infernal Devices// I respond from main blog @adenturingetty Tmnt Imagines/scenarios Send me asks for pretty much everyone in almost Any Tmnt series minus the 1980s movies and show, I look forward to answering all of your asks Long imagines written about the boys of 5sos! Want an imagine written? Put a request in my ask! CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY MASTERLIST or look below to view the categories! I am currently working on a theme that illustrates the beauty of all people. Can Scott be persuaded to give you the bite or will he let the past repeat itself? Originally posted by letshaveimagines. It was a flaw, he didn’t deserve to beat himself up like this but it showed how much he cared. “I’m done healing your side,” Loki said. She had struggled to get it to the other side of her room, and she had been too stubborn to pay extra f Teen Wolf/SPN Imagines So I was a role player for teen wolf and supernatural and turns out I have ideas for imagines! I hope you enjoy my content, thank you! Anonymous: Hello it's me! Trigger-anime-imagines! Can I ask for Levi, Aomine and Kiyoshi helping out their s/o who has social anxiety? Like they help them order food or help them do a presentation or something like that. occasional fan fic author (marvel, 2k16 ghostbusters, harry potter + b99) and full time shitposter pls don't repost any of these imagine/preferences elsewhere (wattpad, quotev etc) #1 - When They’re Jealous (TFA) Kylo Ren: Kylo Ren is extremely possessive, the pair of you almost inseparable (due to Kylo being so damn protective). Word count: 1 772 “No worries, it's your boyfriend, and he looks badly hurt. Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. Cindy Crawford made mouths water with her steamy summertime Pepsi ad in 1992. You were to make sure it will go as planned. This enterprise re-imagines an upgraded light rail transport at Midtown Manhattan as an alternative to traffic congestion. Like you had said, you didn't fall or trip from the steep climb. http://siliconvalleyjobtitlegenerator. When you spotted him, you had begun the whole rant all over again, explaining to him what had happened, and while he was upset that you were injured, he couldn’t help but laugh at your use of vocabulary. Don't tumble. “Uraraka—“ “Sorry!” she squealed before running away and slamming the door shut. Control Kink HC* Brandon Montour. i hope you'll like it. Hope it’s what you were looking for. leo corbett x reader . But his parents were designers, so you weren’t all too surprised. That list included the assistant principal, who “took” his job. You hastily made your way to the kitchen and stowed it in a cupboard, making a mental note to tell Piper about it later. Your mind is racing until your eyes land upon an injured Tony, leaning against some rubble for support, half of his body covered in burns. The warmth faded from their side and started anew just below their shoulder blade. your perfect match, that you can't imagine yourself being with anyone except  18 Aug 2019 The boyfriend was shot in the chest during the argument, and Rivera Penate The boyfriend was taken to a hospital with injuries that weren't  15 Jan 2019 When I Get Hurt in a Dream, My Body Feels it Even After I Wake Up . As Peter’s girlfriend, the issue with Henry was affecting you just as much as it was Peter. It wasn't like Newt got hurt all that often, but when he was, you  9 Mar 2012 In the brain injury world, there are taboo subjects that family caregivers can't wait to talk about among ourselves. Because of that, currently you were nimbly leaping tree to tree, keeping tabs on some of the intruders from Storybrooke for Pan, namely Rumpelstiltskin and the Evil Queen. Just then your phone chimes with a new text message. 16 hours ago · Shinee Imagines Masterlist. Hood and the father of the children and that was the time that he was removed from the vehicle at 29th and York Street. Y/n POV"Please be careful!" I yell up to y/b/n. if you do, submit your ideas, requests, for one last imagine and i will chose the one which inspired me the most! Once Jack has calmed down a little, he falls forward against Joe, his arms moving around his boyfriend’s waist as he buries his face into the crook of Joe’s neck, crying softly into the skin. Prompt: anonymous asked: okay so I’ve been looking through a LOT of your imagines and its safe to say that i frikin love ur blog and i was wondering if you could do one of peter pan x reader where the reader is watching the campfire at the corner and peter comes up from behind (theyre dating btw) without her knowing and “(Y/N), you’re awake,” he said with a drastic tone of relief in his voice. You turned over in bed to Now, I've only read the first book, but I have seen the Maze Runner and Scorch Trials movies, and I have all three books at home and will hopefully finish them soon (but be warned: I'm a slow reader). Happy reading (: A/N: i dont do personal imagines so i’m just going to put it as (Y/N),sorry babe! hope you guys like it :) next imagine will be up when this hits 20+ notes. Reaction to Their Crush. This may or may not include you but …. ” If your boyfriend is sick, perhaps you want to do something that shows him how much you care -- and puts a smile on his face, too. The whirring sound of the fog machine remained unheard as he tries to remain as calm as possible. ” Oscar x Reader OnMyBlockBased on: “Can i get a Spooky (Oscar Diaz) imagine please? Maybe one where y/n is friends with Cesar and Cesar doesnt know y/n and Spooky But people just never saw that side of your lovable boyfriend. The two of you worked together to take down the large numbers. Naughty Kiss. Sweet Kiss . Feeling so intimidated. he also devoted lots of time to make sure the little crow was comfortable, and he took care of it a lot. After complaints by Māori, this week organisers cancelled HMS Endeavour's scheduled stop in the North Island village of Mangonui. You set the now empty plate on the dresser beside the bed, muttering that you’d better go put it in the sink, but your boyfriend jumped up in protest. Prove It - Finn’s shoulder may be injured, My Boyfriend’s Back - Sheamus pretends to be your boyfriend to scare off your newly Healed- A Dr. The only furniture that remained was the worn mattress lying alone in the middle of the living room floor that would get thrown into the dumpster first thing in the but he was weak for your puppy-eyes and you used that to your advantage, not wanting to miss out on walking through the beautiful park with your lovely boyfriend ; your legs were beginning to feel weaker, so you tightened your grip around hitoshi’s arm, trying to be subtle about it Itachi By appearance, Itachi would seem very calm about his s/o getting hurt, but he’s really worried. 22 Jun 2016 Hurt The rain was relentless. The one damn time he was actually worried about your “This is my fault, y/n im sorry” Dean repeated himself. Probably asks to fight his daughter’s boyfriend, who scaredly rejects. You and Alex, your boyfriend, were elated to have a child. Rizky was injured, but survived. Someone who you knew would love you both. Being T’Challa’s wife. “Just friends” [Jealous Newt X Reader] Request: Hey dude, can I request a jealous Newt x reader fic where he’s really jealous of how reader is being flirted with at work but is oblivious to it & Newt eventually comes in & saves her by snogging her or something & that’s how they get together idk Love at First Sight - Draco x Reader Hi guys! This took a long time and I’m sorry! This didn’t turn out like I wanted it to and if you want me to re-write it with more of a jealous Draco, please just What if Endeavor had an affair with another woman between the times of Natsuo and Fuyumi? Maybe the reader is the unofficial half sibling to them and they come by one day to tell him of their mother's death and runs into all three of the Todoroki siblings? Summary: Reader tries to leave her boyfriend’s house to be home before her curfew, but he doesn’t want her to leave. 1a-imagines posted this You called over to your boyfriend as you sat Kai as your Boyfriend Gif not mine. And the 51-year-old model looked just as lovely as ever while revisiting the iconic commercial during 2018's Super LATEST HEADLINES ‘Black Panther’ Star Winston Duke to Star in Apple’s Basketball Drama ‘Swagger’ From Kevin Durant 01 October 2019 | The Wrap ‘Death on the Nile’: Kenneth Branagh’s Agatha Christie Sequel Snags Annette Bening, Gal Gadot, and Armie Hammer Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. Submit your imagines in the ask box or the submit box, more info in the submit box. Talk about a scary situation for Soulja Boy's family! The 24-year-old rapper took to Instagram Wednesday where he asked fans for their prayers after his girlfriend, Nia Riley, and daughter, Kamryn Paratroopers from Camp Shelby are injured in a night training jump - as 'some of them land in trees' during manoeuvres at the National Guard base Artist imagines how classic toys would look if Paratroopers from Camp Shelby are injured in a night training jump - as 'some of them land in trees' during manoeuvres at the National Guard base Artist imagines how classic toys would look if got7, kpop, pedidos. Follow TV Tropes Originally posted by askpeterouat. “Keith, what’s going on?” Was a boyfriend really what you needed right now? You were busy trying to make your father proud with college but also trying to also trying to follow your own path in life. Jacob Black was insanely, obsessively, painfully in love with Bella Swan, and it sort of killed you on the inside. The project has been delayed, after the first facility in the corner of the ground opened earlier in the season, but it will open its doors for the first time this afternoon. Don’t you remember? We’ve got the grand meal for the Triwizard tournament! The second task is starting in ten minutes!” She wailed hysterically. Watch all you  Page 3 Read You get hurt for him [pt. Being an Avenger with a dark past and dating It was small news, mostly just heard by the people near the mall at the time of the accident and presumably, either management or someone on Ellen’s PR team. Me and the other 2 mods have been kinda busy. Trying to take over the world with your younger twin was a sure way of ending up with a bad reputation. ” Levi huffed, turning to stare straight into my eyes. Nice of you to read this. “You’re the one who injured me, this is your fault. “I want us to be official. Wattpad Got7 Mark Mark Tuan Fan Fiction K Pop Taehyung Got7 Bambam Markson Got7 Jackson Read Characters from the story Spoiled | CYJ centric by GOTBANGTANSHIPS (OTTER) with 3,746 reads. He didn’t know what to do, you were injured because he wasn’t paying attention. imaginesandpreferences, oneshot, teen. One-shots are always welcome. Check the search links for an easier way to navigate the blog. n imagines i He quickly took out the sentry that shot you before falling to his knees and gathering you on his arms. This is a tribute to the beginning of March, which just so happens to be Women's History Month! ~Hetalia Trash~ ASKBOX IS OPEN. The bruised hand mark above your wrist was a dark purple colour, and you didn’t want the team to see. tumblr. You were in your last year of high school, and he was one of the only people who had a car, let alone such a fancy one. Originally posted by staycuteandcozy. “Not that it matters much to me but I’d rather not have The Quidditch pitch was famous for getting players injured, so Madam Pomfrey had to go and watch the Gryffindor vs. Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader. Imagines For Tokyo Ghoul Requests are Closed! Mod Dave is here to write out all of your requests, and to satisfy your literary cravings! Please, remember to read the rules before requesting! One Piece imagines and more. . Your head was pounding and your body ached all over, but you still sat up and looked to your worried boyfriend sitting on the edge of the bed beside you. however, she annoys just about all of the Avengers in the process [Fluff] Gorgeous – The reader is feeling down about her looks when Bucky sweeps in and assures her of how gorgeous she really is [Fluff] Most of his victims would be tired, injured/dead by now but you put on a great show. 5k. Dating Thor. What was suppose to be a simple and usual routine went south fast. And he was always there too, whenever I got in trouble, he’d come as fast as he could to my place just to make sure I’m okay. heartbreak, oneshot, fluffy. } You opened it a minute later, a warm hug being the first thing you gave him before even muttering a hello to your boyfriend. I love him (I hope you enjoy! If anyone wants a part 2, let me know :3) Soft music played in your room as you were doing your homework; your hair pulled away from your face as your focus was disrupted by a tapping on your window. Katsuki rolled his eyes and stepped into the warm apartment and out of the falling snow. You missed Sam. But one day on the Finalizer, one of the new recruits clearly hadn’t gotten the message when you told him during lunch break that you simply weren’t interested. In a fight with an encroaching Pack, you get severely injured. Though you can't magically take away his cold or illness, you can surprise him by doing some cute things to let him know that you want him to feel better as quickly as possible. It wasn’t too hot nor was it too cold. And the 51-year-old model looked just as lovely as ever while revisiting the iconic commercial during 2018's Super LATEST HEADLINES ‘Black Panther’ Star Winston Duke to Star in Apple’s Basketball Drama ‘Swagger’ From Kevin Durant 01 October 2019 | The Wrap ‘Death on the Nile’: Kenneth Branagh’s Agatha Christie Sequel Snags Annette Bening, Gal Gadot, and Armie Hammer Sticky Header . Iguchi (Spinner) Animal Love HC. Imagines Page 1. Fearing for her life, she tried to stab Reid with a camping multi-tool. The wind was blowing, but it still felt nice in my opinion. Imagine what it might really be and give it a face. You tugged at your long sleeve shirt once more before entering the bullpen. He has always been the danganronpa-imagines. green haired boy who you call your boyfriend catch you and you get injured when he blames himself for being a failure and “Happy birthday, princess. to spend money to show your boyfriend you care - but sometimes it doesn't hurt. But oh well, he is a good guy. he loves you, and he’s always happy to help – but he despises the sticky substance and the feeling of it on his hands so much. i just sent a ship ask but realized it was kinda short so i thought id change it: im a slytherin, pan and have wavy brown hair and blue eyes. ” you retorted, running a soft hand over one of Dean’s forgotten t-shirts. Originally posted by leakycauldron-archive (A/N: I hope this is okay! I’m a little rusty with writing!) =Confessions Hermione Granger imagine=. This is why I love autumn. ” you shyly smile, nodded and lead him towards the kitchen #supernatural #supernatural family #dean winchester #sam winchester #time travel #supernatural oneshot #supernatural imagine #supernatural imagines #spnimaginefic #castiel #cas #wicked winchester writes #oneshot [CURRENTLY ON HIATUS] some imagines that i've written for owen grady :) this is a smut-free blog, sorry 😅 x Music, laughter and chatter filled the room. Surprising Him on the Road HC. Once they were gone, you turn to your boyfriend with tears in your eyes. “Mhmm,” you swallowed your food before replying, “All thanks to my amazing boyfriend of course,” at that he kissed your shoulder gently. You hear your boyfriend click his tongue as you get up on the rocks with him. Read He's Injured from the story Boyfriend Imagines by myabya with 6,223 reads. Preference #51: Sister’s Boyfriend, but Protective of You (Requested)… {This is for the anon that requested “your his girlfriend’s little sister and he gets protective of you. Joe lifts his one hand to work through Jack’s hair gently, his other hand dragging his nails up and down the exposed back lightly, his words silent hinata: he would probably get really excited and play with it all the time, even in class (he’d be the first student in karasuno to get a hinagarasu confiscated) kageyama: he’d pretend like it was nothing but he was actually really happy about having the hinagarasu with him. Whale One-Shot. ——— Her fingers lingered on the crumbling drywall, this hole had been made the day she had bought a new bed. So those requests are twice as appreciated. They only saw his pranks and lies, and that was all that seemed to care about. Within the blink of an eye, your beloved girlfriend could become a vessel for a nasty cold, virus or even the dreaded strep throat (such a dick move by nature). Tom Wilson. If Your Boyfriend Does These 16 Little Things, Hang Onto Him Forever. 1. you and your boyfriend ended up straying from the path during He watched *yn* wander off and before he could help himself he began to secretly trail after her. Even if they could be a pain in the ass sometimes. You didn’t care about your physical pain. (in this chapter. im very dramatic and love theater, plus am very emo, i wear a lot of eyeliner and im nonbinary with a bit of a dark\dirty sense of humor. If you don't like sexual stuff, this might not be the blog for you. Questioning you, it seemed as though he was being swayed by the destructive words. Word Count - 904. Hii!! If you're caught up to the manga then can I req Amajiki having an underclassmen crush (he's oblivious to his feelings for her tho) who comes up to him during lunch w some takoyaki she said she bought for him (she actually made em which is totally obvi with how bad they look and the cuts on her hands) and she feeds them to him? *///w///* Feel free to delete this if you dunno him though! Finding out you were pregnant was amazing. You smiled at him, and looked around to find yourself in a different motel room than you remembered last. Yet you were not alone, with your boyfriend. You pushed your body closer to his and hugged him as tight as you could. The times you spent zoning out wondering what is taking place in your home while playing his twisted version of hide and seek leaves him flabbergasted about why you aren’t breaking . On the other hand, this is exactly how you met your now-boyfriend, who so happens to be the famous Slytherin Quidditch captain, Orion Amari. You were sitting in your boyfriend’s car, where he was taking you, you had no idea. Which you understood. Hurt from the story Crush/Boyfriend Imagines by WritingDuhh ( WritingDuh) with 8900 reads. You turned around to see your boyfriend’s face, and noticed that he was blushing This blog is a gift from me to you, because on this blog I will post imagines of the boys from One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. Cuddling (2) Color Soulmate AU (angst) Sweet Kiss. Billy Hargrove Imagines Max It shows that PTSD in the military increased from 4% in 2004-5 to 6% in 2014-16. The snap happens and instead of Peter vanishing, the M!Reader does in front of his boyfriend & father. They find out you can sing. S/O Gets Injured. Burnley's second disabled facility opens at Turf Moor today in time for the Premier League clash with Everton. 740 words. I DO NOT OWN THE GIF. Jenna Foxx DP'ed on Father's Day by Boyfriend and his Stepdad 05:54. “Maybe it is, Sammy. Droplets fell hard and fast Harry never hesitated to voice his displeasure with your boyfriend. Feel free to submit anything you have and talk to us. The Vampire Diaries/The Originals Imagines The 100 imagines Fell for You (Draco x Reader) “can i have a draco x reader where the reader gets sick or passes out during class?? like really fluffy thanks!!!” thank you so much for your request! hope you like human-imagines. - Imagine bringing your boyfriend on a hunt where Crowley is involved, and so Crowley meets your boyfriend for the first time. 2. You two met quite early in the morning as you requested. All of the walls were completely bare, as was the rest of the small home. Being an Avenger and best friends with Peter Parker. God, did you miss that man. Could you write an imagine where Dean or Sam likes the reader and every day she shows up with a bunch of bruises but lies and says that she fell or something, but it’s actually her abusive boyfriend. I was thinking that on occasion, in the original account, I could write MORE than just We Happy Few imagines. Bakugou: He’s fully aware of how hot you are; hell, he can’t even take his own eyes off you half the time, so it makes sense that other guys would find you attractive, too. If you want me to be your boyfriend, of course. Michael turned his head away from his phone and smiled at you. You seen Luke get protective but not to the point where he gets aggressive. I also make personal imagines. PLEASE READ hello everyone! i hope you’re all doing fine. Making Peace with s/o (fluff) Villians. I was asked to do a part 2, so here it is. Kid sat on a chair with his leg crossed over the other as he watched you. While at home the love of your tricky boyfriend was enough to keep you on your feet and happy, loving life even. Masterlist LINKS TO MY MASTERLIST - NOTE THEY ARE IN PARTS. I’m lazy potato so you’re just going to have to bare with itAnyways, here’s JB’S imagine that has (Title art not mine)SPN X Reader Boyfriend Scenarios! The title of the book was based on a short, three part drabble that I wrote in my Imagines book. The navy blue dress complemented your eyes and skin tone─looking like a million bucks with your jewelry, dress, hair, and shoes. Mrs. ^ ask me anything about TMR~currently not taking ships~ mazerunnermovie follows writers: Scarlie, Ally, Andrea, Paige, Teresa and Bridget mobile masterlist Anonymous asked: this is a funnier request, but can you do one where kokichi is helping you babysit some kid and the kid has a crush on the reader. Writing Prompts (send the A 19-year-old Texas A&M student was arrested after rear-ending a stopped police car while trying to take a topless selfie. If he's hurt or just needs something you don't hesitate and drop everything 23 Feb 2019 Hurt || Jeff Skinner Requested: [ ] yes [x] no Authors Note: So Jeff Feel free to send me imagine requests, memes, questions, At the very least that was good, though you couldn't get the sight of your boyfriend hurt on the ice  31 Dec 2016 Imagine Sonny blaming Barba after you get hurt because of his “Maybe because he's my boyfriend and he knows you're my best friend. Julie Kay imagines daddy's big white cock inside her vagina request jojo scenarios jjba scenarios imagines jjba imagines jojo headcanons headcanon jojo part 3 jojo part 4 jojo vento aureo jojo's bizarre adventure jojo no kimyō na bōken jojo jjba jojo part 5 jojo part 2 jojo part 1 battle tendency phantom blood stardust crusaders diamond is unbreakable vento aureo golden wind Peter Pan imagine- Bitter Prompt:Can you do an imagine where you and Peter are dating and he’s really overprotective of you, so when Wendy comes she gets jealous because she likes Peter so she stabs Well, hi. boyfriend imagines injured

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